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Musical Life Lessons are helpful, practical and fun kid songs. They teach valuable life lessons, which build character and self-esteem. They are easy to learn and easy to sing. Enjoy!

Product Summary

Song topics include:

· How to handle put-downs

· Tattling vs. reporting

· The importance of gratitude

· How to be a good friend

· The joy of spring and fun of summer

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Song list:

1.  Springtime Miracle

2.  Room in the Garden

3.  Friend Zone

4.  The Hook (How to

     Handle Putdowns)

 5.  I Am Me

 6.  Tattletale

 7.  Westview Elementary

 8.  Larry the Camel

  9.  The Grateful Song

10.. Take Time to Be Silly

11. Summertime

12. ( I Can Be) A Really Good Friend

13. Be a Duck

14. Care About

15. Diversity

16. How to Succeed

17. The Donut

18. Goodbye, Guilt

19. The Friend Ship

20. Okay

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Musical Life Lessons, Volumes 1 and 2

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